Sarojini Naidu’s Love for Nature


  • Mrs. Shilpa S. Joshi



Nature, Spring Season, Indian Birds, Flowers, Romanticism


Sarojini Naidu, a poetess with perfect knowledge of English language gained the spectacular success as the nightingale of India. She was a successful poet of early twentieth century along with being a true patriot. Sarojini Naidu looked into the locations, sounds, colours, quality and moods of nature remarkably and incredibly. She was a versatile poet and had written her poetry on different themes. Her poems project different themes like love, folk life, challenges of life and death, nature, Indian customs and traditions, but she was always inclined towards nature, specially towards spring season. The poet was particularly enticed and mesmerized by the bliss and astonishing gifts of springs. In spite of the short tenure of her artistry she had lyrical elegance, exquisite passion and enchanting melody in her poetry. Her major works The Golden Threshold, The Bird of Time and The Broken Wing overflow with many wonderful and picturesque beauty of Indian natural landscape.       


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Author Biography

Mrs. Shilpa S. Joshi

Research Scholar

English Literature

School of Comparative Languages and Culture

Devi Ahilya University

Indore, Madhya-Pradesh, India


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