Demokratia and Theatrokratia: The Theatricality of Democracy


  • Dr Muzaffar Karim



Theatre, Democracy, Time, Grandnarrative, Spectacle, Baudrillard


When we think of Democracy as a way of governance, usually modern democratic states come to mind. Most of us believe that democracy is a recent invention. But, the birthplace of democracy is the ancient city of Athens and ironically the birth of democracy is coetaneous with the birth of (Athenian) theatre. This paper tries to establish the connection between theatre and democracy or in other words theatricality and democracy. It tries to elaborate upon the fact that the notion of theatricality is inherent to democratic function and may be its doom as well. Democracy represents progress, a movement in time, a teleology. But, the present problems of famine, violence and other man-made disasters put this movement under suspicion – a progress or a reversion? This question of teleology and time vis-à-vis democracy is argued through Jean Baudrillard’s notion of the recycling of time.


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Author Biography

Dr Muzaffar Karim

Assistant Professor

University of Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir


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