Subversion of the Masculine Gender Roles in the Malayalam Film, “Kumbalangi Nights”


  • Dr. Thara Gangadharan



Masculine, Feminine, Patriarchy, Gender Roles.


Like most of the regional films in India, Malayalam film industry has undergone radical changes which is ultimately a reflection of the societal changes in Kerala. The 2019 film in the regional language, Malayalam, Kumbalangi Nights, directed by Madhu C Narayan enters the list of such films. The film became a point of discussion in the Malayalam film industry as it won the Kerala State film award in 2020. The film has taken a diverse look at the societal problems of the lower middle-class people in the city of Kochi. The study is an analysis of the way in which the film has subverted the popular notions of masculinity and redefined the patriarchal world views within the family structure.


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Author Biography

Dr. Thara Gangadharan

Assistant Professor

Department of English

Bharata Mata College

Thrikkakara, Kochi, Kerala, India


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