Simplicity and Beauty in Basheer’s The Inheritors of Earth


  • Dr. Josit Mariya



Nature, mutual co-existence, eco-system, Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer


Vaikom Muhammed Basheer is a notable writer of Malayalam literature. His works are always close to nature. People can easily identify his works because of their lucid language and their inclination to nature. In his work, ‘Bhoomiyude Avakashikal’ (The Inheritors of Earth), the author tries to talk about the need of considering the animals and birds around us because they are also a part of our earth. Basheer sheds light on the truth that the entire species in this world have the same rights that man holds. Each and every living being has the equal right to live and enjoy their surroundings as human beings. If we don’t protect our nature - the vegetation and biodiversity around us - we have no future.


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Author Biography

Dr. Josit Mariya

Department of Communicative English

St. Thomas College

Palai, Kerala, India


Basheer, Vaikom Muhammad. Bhoomiyude Avakashikal, D.C. Books, Kottayam, 1977.

---, The Inheritors of Earth, D.C. Books, Kottayam, 1977.




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