Scientific Study of Amish Tripathi's Novels


  • Sangeeta Tripathi
  • Dr. Mudita Agnihotri



– Mythololgy, Society, Scientific techniques, Radio waves, Division of cells


Amish Tripathi is a rising contempory writer. His passion towards Indian mythology inspired him to write about Hindu Mythology upon Hindu God and Goddesses. He is one of the best selling author in English literature, written about mythological stories. All the novels of Amish Tripathi are modernized in such a way that it can match with the interest of today's generation. His novels are about society, women, oppressed classed etc. Apart from these his novels are full in scientific techniques. There are so many scientific concepts in the novel 'Shiva Triology'. There are three parts in Shiva triology. The first part is the immortals of Melutra, the second part is the secret of the Nagas and the third part is the oath of vayuputras. The concept like Radiowaves, manufacture of somras, Divizian of cell etc. are scientifically explained in the novel Shiva triology.


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Author Biographies

Sangeeta Tripathi

Research Scholar

Gurukul Kangri University

Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India

Dr. Mudita Agnihotri

Supervisor, English Professor

Kanya Gurukul Campus
Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India


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