Reflection of Modern Civilization with All Its Degenerative Facets in Prufrock


  • Ayan Sardar



Spiritualism, Degeneration, Modern Civilization, Modern Man


The proposed research article is an attempt to make an analysis and understand the concept of spiritual degeneration and materialism of modern civilization as reflected in TS Eliot poem "Love song of J Alfred prufrock" . Eliot has given English poetry a new direction where the poet must not remain confined within his own self ,but must merge with his individual self in the social milieu,the public environment.Modern men become spiritually dead , they lack social value and have only love for materialistic outlook. The present poem holds up the mirror to understand the complex culture, spiritual degeneration and the post-industrial condition of the modern man that is relevant today. The present work discusses how the poem is still relevant to modern society, to modern value and to modern outlook with its modern and penetrative poetic idea.


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Author Biography

Ayan Sardar

English Educator

University of Calcutta

Kolkata, West Bengal, India


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