Cross-Cultural Communication of Hybrid Identities: Displaying Amitav Ghosh’s River of Smoke


  • Mohd Farhan Saiel



Cross-Cultural Communication, Races, Classes, Hybrid, and Identity.


The paper explores several aspects of cross-cultural communication and the hybrid identities of characters. The title explains multi-racial dissimilarities and identities as built in communication through race, class, religion, culture, or ethnic identity these are based on their particular structural hybrid identities. They focus on the basic differences between values determining cultural changes and identities. This perspective of hybrid culture with instability and transformation creates a hybrid cultural identity that differs with time and is dependent on contingency. Hybrid cultures identities are negotiated and they are able to hold a variety of cultural effects. The process of cross-cultural communication adapts and creates a hybridized identity that helps them in their negotiation between different cultural practices with their group or with different strata of the society. This study attempts to display how race plays an important role in dividing people into superior and inferior groups and among this, it shows how the power structure shifts from the former structure to a fragmented structure and how the characters adapt to the changing situations. This paper shapes the above points regarding cross-cultural communication of hybrid identities.  


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Author Biography

Mohd Farhan Saiel

Assistant Professor                                            

Training & Development Department

Future Institute of Engineering & Technology

Bareilly, U.P. India


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