Representation of Women Characters in Preethi Shenoy’s ‘It’s All in the Planets’


  • Ruby Rajeev



 'It’s all in the Planets' is a charismatic love story written by Preethi Shenoy. It was published in September 2016. The author of the novel, Preethi Shenoy is an Indian author, Speaker and famous blogger. In this paper, I am analysing this novel from the perspective of feminism, especially how the author presented her female characters. Feminism originated as an offshoot of the women's suffrage movement. The major feminist theorist is Toril Moi, Simone de Beauvoir, Elaine Showalter etc. It is a movement against men’s ideologies and society’s certain representations. Their main concern was the representations of women in literature. Traditionally females are represented in literature as passive characters. Though the feminists broke all such representations, our literary works do not completely get rid of such representations. Many of the authors still present women as passive in their works. In this novel too there are such representations. Superficially it is a love story between two persons who are living in two different worlds. They have their tastes, opinions and attitudes. Even they have two life partners (living relationships). But ultimately fate joins them.


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Author Biography

Ruby Rajeev

Assistant Professor

Department of English

Nirmalagiri Arts and Science Academy, Kannur University

Kannur, Kerala, India

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