The Role of Language in Cultural Studies: A Critical Perspective


  • Dharmapal B. Fulzele AssistantProfessorDept.OfEnglish,Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar College &Center for Post-Graduate Studies& Higher Learning,BramhapuriDist. Chandrapur Pin No. 441206
  • P. D. Nimsarkar Professor,Dept. Of Linguistics, Foreign & IndianLanguages, RTM Nagpur, University,NagpurIndia


Key Words: Language, Cultural Studies, Culture, Identity, Subjectivity, Discourse, Representation.


This paper is an attempt to study the role of language in Cultural Studies from critical point of view. It also endeavors to throw a light on how identities are constructed through language. Cultural studies analyses the practices through which meaning are formed in a particular culture. It considers that the practices of signification are related to the structures of power in society. This practice of signification (meaning-making), Cultural Studies terms representation. Meanings are the practices of language. Language and meaning are related to the issues of class, caste, gender, nation, ethnicity, power and ideology in which interpretation happens. All manifestation and use of language are located in a context. This context is discourse.As an interdisciplinary academic field of study, Cultural Studies draws on various theories such as Marxism, post-colonialism, feminism, structuralism, poststructuralism, ethnic studies, media studies, film studies, etc. Identity, subjectivity, discourse and representation are the key concept used in Cultural Studies.


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