Regional Norms and Codes of Tragedy in Hardyâ‘€‘™s Tess Of Dâ‘€‘™Urbervilles


  • Dr. Girish Chandra Pant Assistant Professor Seemant Institute of Technology Pithoragarh, 262501 Uttarakhand India


Hardy established himself as a novelist in Victorian period with his novel Desperate Remedies (1871) and his forthcoming novels placed his name with those novelists whose literary values remarked this age. As being the creator of “Wessex” he painted regional colours in Victorian novels. He is notable for pointing out how some insensitive social agent take the advantage of innocent people for their mean desires. His characters are very real that have normal desires, ups and downs, belongings and conclusions. This was Hardy who delineated women as the representative of hyper sensuality and as a creature; who make a fault and then pay for it, though they belong to a rural area. His novel Tess of D’Urbervilles is a simple narration of misfortune bought by illicit desire of a knave person who took advantage of immature and impractical girl. He narrates this story very simply and with the language of rural people. While interpretation causes or we can say ifs and buts of tragedy in Tess of D’Urbervilles, Hardy keenly focuses on regional factors only. Yes these are the regional agents that bring drastic ups and downs of his protagonists in Tess of D’Urbervillesand obviously in his other masterpieces.


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