Engineering students and Communication in English with Recent Innovations


  • Dr. Thimmesha L Dept. of English, Government Engineering CollegeHassan –573201. Karnataka
  • N R Sreenatha Dept. of Physics, Government Engineering CollegeHassan –573201. Karnataka
  • Nagaraju K R Dept. of Mathematics, Government Engineering CollegeHassan-573201, Karnataka India


This paper highlights how English communication which is one of those courses that are essential for all Engneering students. With the advent of new technologies, the world is shrinking into a global village .Therefore, the need for effective communication is becoming all the more essential. While students feel the need for communicating successfully through oral and written media in their academic tasks every day, professionals face the challenges of communicating effectively and efficiently in their workplace .The importance of English also lies in the selling of engineers’ designs. The fact is that most of the techniques developed for solving a same problem would be similar or at least not easily distinguishable. Thus, Engineers need the skill to sell the best points of the design, to make people believe in the value of his/her design.why an Engineer should be fluent in English are as follows: In a student’s social life, English language is the most important. It helps to build strong relationship and better understanding among fellow students and peers. For success in any field, one has to know, understand and communicate effectively. In the era of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation, communication skills is the key to success. The English language is now a bridge language of international business, technology, research and aviation. About 1.8 billion speak English and the number is still rising.


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