Re- Defining Honour in Islam: An Islamic Women Memoirists’ Outlook


  • Faritha Banu. S Ph. D Research ScholarDepartment of EnglishJamal Mohamed College Tiruchirappalli -6200 20 Tamil Nadu
  • Dr. Abdul Mohammed Ali Jinnah Associate Professor of English Jamal Mohamed College Tiruchirappalli India


Memoir, Islam, Islamic feminism, Honour, Subjugation


Memoir, a non-fictional art has been in vogue in the recent years. It is also called life narrative, where an instance in the life of an individual is documented in first person point of view.  Memoir’s association with Islamic women has been commendable. Women in Islam have for long been subjugated in the name of Islam, which is a sheer misinterpretation. Memoirs have been a vehicle for women to express their emotional state. In spite of the rise of Islamic feminism in support of Muslim women’s rights, the problem persists. Among the vehemence which women face, violence in the name of honour is wide spread. The Memoirs In the Name of Honour and  I am Nujood, aged 10 and Divorced  are illustrations for the situation which millions of women are subjected to in the name of honour. The relentless fight which Mukhtar Mai and Nujood put forward in their life against violence makes the difference


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