Myth in Early Modern Indian Literature: A Brief Survey


  • Shankar Lal Jhanjhnodia


Myth, pre-independence, post-independence, Hindu mythology, reservoir.


Novel as a genre may not be necessarily an Indian invention yet as a genre it found favour with Indian writers who adopted and skillfully adapted it to suit their artistic purpose. These native novelists invigorated their works with the help of Hindu mythology as a significant literary device.  Whether belonging to the pre-independence or the post-independence period, it has been extremely tempting for every writer to en-cash upon the richness of this perennial reservoir of a country which has been home to an ancient cultural legacy. In a theoretical framework set by the Euro-American critics like C. J. Jung, Northrop Frye, James George Frazer, and T. S. Eliot, this paper intends to present a brief analysis of Hindu mythology as a literary device in the works of Indian writers including Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Raja Rao and R K Narayan.  It also aims to discuss the Hindu mythology as a reliable source and a powerful device for expressing the personal and political dilemma of these writers.



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