Iqbal and the Critique of Other-Worldliness


  • Talim Aktar


Iqbal criticizes the project of western modernity for concentrating its focus only on the affairs of this world and not aiming to realize the spiritual goals for individuality. Iqbal suggests that modernity is one that aims at realizing the spiritual ideals and for him it can be realized only by means of actualizing the ‘kingdom of god’ on the earth. The ‘kingdom of god’ signifies the ideal community of the ‘unique individuals’ which one realizes by being akin to the most ‘unique individual’ i.e. God himself.


The ideal community of Islam is also viewed as the pan-Islamic community. However, this article only deal with the idea of other-worldliness and the manner in which Iqbal juxtapose his understanding of Islam in the backdrop of this idea.


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