Re-sketching the American Dream in the Super-Hero Comics


  • Neville Thomas


American Dream, American Hero, Comic


It is high time that comics are considered to be serious medium for propagation of messages. The juxtaposition of images and words create wonders and frenzy among the readers that they tend to admire the characters. The depictions are far from being just a representation and instead an identity is created. Comic books basically open us to a whole new world or an array of philosophy. Graphic novels may not be part of the formal corpus of literature but indeed demand and indulge in serious discourses. We see that such comics are culturally placed in ‘popular’ and later became the propaganda at some point of time. Most of the comics depict America geographically, linguistically, psychologically and culturally. This paper is all about how American Dream and a subsequent American super hero finds manifestation in the popular medium such as cartoons.



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