The Wild Palms and The South


  • Dr. Sanjeev Kumar


The purpose of this abstract is to represent the image of south in The Wild Palms by William Faulkner. This aspect is surely the very important feature of his novel. Here the paper aims at putting the total stuff into a hole, which is still in a scatterly way. Besides, the paper highlights how the south fills the centre core of this novel, especially after two world wars, and its impact on the life in general of southern man. This element represents a modern phenomenon along with the social, cultural and moral problems he suffers from. It represents the life of modern man full of confusions, seclusions and harassment. In the novel man are flow his own destroying passions and thoughts. Here if Harry’s thoughts are accepted as Faulker’s, many readers and critics tend to do, the obvious parallels with “Old Man” must be ignored, and “Wild Palms” becomes a silly thing to sterile love.



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