Effective Teaching of Poetry: Impediments and Sustainability Option in Senior Secondary Schools in Onueke Education Zone


  • Okonkwo Adaobi Fidelia


Poetry, Literature, Impediments, Strategies, Genres, Recreational


The study focused on the effective teaching of poetry: impediments and sustainability option in the Senior Secondary Schools. The study employed a descriptive survey design and was carried out in the Onueke Education Zone of Ebonyi State. The population of the study constituted of 9,300 students and all the 182 English language and literature teachers. 320 students were sampled from the 15 secondary schools using simple balloting and a simple random sampling technique. Two sets of questionnaire were used to collect the data - teachers’ questionnaire and students’ questionnaire. The students’ questionnaire contains gender information of the students. Subheadings were ascribed to the two sets of the questionnaire based on items of each research question. Students’ questionnaire was based on the first two research questions and a null hypothesis while the teachers’ questionnaire was based on the last two research questions. The two questionnaires were first validated by experts and a trial test was carried out. Then, the instrument was subjected to reliability test using cronbach alpha method and values of 0.82 and 0.84 were obtained from students’ and teachers’ questionnaire respectively. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions while analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to test the hypothesis at p value of .05 value. The findings showed that poetry possesses inherent problems itself because of its abstract nature and the present day methods teachers adopt in teaching poetry which are teacher oriented makes it difficult for students to learn poetry. Students show poor attitudes to learning poetry and skewing teaching to students would enhance students’ comprehension of poetry. The null hypothesis showed no significant difference in the mean ratings of male and female students in the challenges of teaching poetry. Some of the recommendations were that: (1) students should be provided with poetry textbooks and that teachers should re-examine the methods they use in teaching poetry (2) They should adopt methods that are student centred and employ strategies such as use of graphic organizers, group interaction etc.  (3) Students should develop positive attitudes to learning poetry, and the government should  organize workshops for teachers.



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