The Gandhian Influence on Mulk Raj Anand’s “Untouchable”


  • Mrs. Rajeswari Surisetty


untouchability, outcaste, influenced, caste system, integrated, Hinduism, miserable.


The writers in the early decades of the 20th century were deeply influenced and inspired by Gandhi. He provoked intellectual turmoil and awakening amongst the intelligentsia. His exhortation to the Harijans to shun the bad habits and get integrated into the mainstream of the Indian nation slowly but surely. Caste was a group system based on services and functions. He regards untouchability as “the greatest bolt on Hinduism”. He utters that he did not want to be reborn. But, if he were to reborn, he would wish to be reborn as an untouchable, an outcaste so that he may share their sorrows, sufferings and affronts levelled at them, in order that he may endeavour to free himself and them from their miserable condition



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