A Representation of the Monumental Social and Political Revolutions in Russia -Re-emerging History in Narratives


  • Dr. Maria Mercy Amutha A


New Historicism, Too Much Happiness, Short Story, the French Commune, German in Russia, French influence in Russia


This paper is based on the New Historical reading to Alice Murno’s narrative, Too Much Happiness. It’s a historical short story, based on the life of Sofia Kovalevskaya (January 15, 1850 - February 10, 1891). Being true to history, the narrative has managed to represent the Franco- Prussian war, political changes in Russia and its traditions. It portrays a cultural change, revealing the industrious nature of the Germans, information that relates to the French Commune. It further documents and provides parallel comparisons from the period of Sophia, proving the authenticity of the information presented therein. For, through the narrated event the reader tends to relive the historical period projected and at the same time understands the social, political and economic factors that influenced an individual contributing to his fears, anxieties and happiness. Thus, the literature functions as a workshop for the reader as it offers a realistic experience of life, transporting them into the narrative and giving an understanding of the age, politics, life of people, and the difficulties they had experienced at different stages in their lives, their relationships, divisions, segregation and the discrimination that existed in their society.



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