Gender Inequality in Kishwar Naheed’s “I am not That Woman”


  • V. Nandhini


Our country has not been successful in eliminating social inequality and discrimination on the basis of gender. Like race and ethnicity, gender is a social construct. Gender equality means that women and men enjoy the same status. Because of the current situation of inequality, it cannot be achieved without the empowerment of women. Both equality and empowerment are necessary to achieve political, social, economic, cultural and environment security.

Kishwar Naheed is a woman writer of Indo-Pakistan. Her poem, “I am not That Woman” is a beautiful poem which is written in the first person’s narration. She expresses the cruelties done upon her by her family and society. Though she describes her own problem, the poem stands for a symbol of all the torture upon women. She also depicts her passion, dream, desire and wants of equal status and rights.


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