Bhabani Bhattracharya’s Steel Hawk And Other Stories


  • Smt.Mangala L. Nayak


Stories, Steel Hawk


Bhabani Bhattracharya was a good translator, prose writer, press attaché, visiting professor and a short story writer- a multifaceted personality. Short story entitled,” Steel Hawk and other stories” (1968) contains a delightful collection of fifteen short stories, all written with subtlety and skill. They are the stories of psychological interest and social reality. There is a fine account of a thrilling experience of the villagers who enthusiastically welcome the arrival of an aeroplane, which is a symbol of modernity. In “Glory at Twilight” Bhattacharya gives a touching story of Satyajit, “Public Figure” exposes satirically the clamour for publicity of certain men who donate jewellery for the Defence Fund. “My Brave Great Uncle” gives an altogether different setting, taking the readers into a supernatural world , “Lathu Ram’s Adventure”is a spirit  of adventure , “ Names are not Labels” is based on the fine and pithy expression, ‘Names have spiritual value ,they are not just labels’, “Pictures in the Fire” is very interesting which has woven round a simple and catchy incident, “Mere Monkeys”  represents the human emotions that operate in a monkey’s mind, “She, Born of light” is the story of the exploration of the depth of human minds which has a philosophical undertones. Thus many of the short stories in this collection have a psychological approach to people and events. This article also shows that a realistic appraisal of the social content and a frank approach to the psychological complexities of modern life.



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