Use of Waste Material in the Creativity for Art and Society


  • Dr. Shekhar Chandra Joshi


We always do work to dispose off waste material either dropping it into dustbin or throwing at some other place. The present paper highlights on how we can use the waste material in the Creativity for Fine Arts and Society instead of throwing or pouring it any where in this globe.

Any one can create many things from the waste material.  The root of using this creativity can be seen in the Art of Collage. Picasso first used paper, cloth, and then pin etc. that were almost waste material for creating this art.  However, the Museum Artist and Diorama Preparatory, Cal N. peters used waste material at work in Indian diorama measures; three feet deep, six feet wide and nine feet high. It has a curved background which is “painted in”.

It is observed that material used consists of decorators and artist’s tubes paints, a variety of waxes for figures. Odd pieces of cloth, wire tin, paper, cardboard, string, cord, wood and hundred other bits which would be considered as waste material.1


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