Unshackling the tribal women in Indian English Literature: dreams and visions


  • Dr. Shreeja Sharma Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dept. Of Comparative Languages and Culture Barkatullah University Bhopal, India
  • Prof. Shubhra Tripathi Head, Dept. Of English Govt. Mvm Bhopal, India.




Tribal Women, Indian English Literature


The marginalised tribal women comprise the weakest section of the Indian society. It is a sad reality that their identity remains weak, unvoiced and largely unexplored. Invigorating them would enhance the collective national capability as it will carry  justice, equity and development to the most vulnerable segment of the nation, thereby reinforcing and the frailest of its stalk. The portrayal of tribal women in literature can go a long way in spreading awareness about the cause, not only on the national, but also on an international scale. Writing on these marginalised, poor, and socially excluded women can in the long run, change the perception of the society and bring to attention the neglected lot, integrating them rightfully with society. Prominent writers including Mahasweta Devi, Kamala Markandaya and Gita Mehta among others have made important contributions in this area. While the tribal narratives voice the concerns of the tribals, there still remains lot of room for exploring and  expressing the concerns of these women for a feminist rendition . This paper examines the potential of writings on the female tribal protagonist.



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Sharma, D. S., & Tripathi, P. S. (2017). Unshackling the tribal women in Indian English Literature: dreams and visions. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH , 5(7), 9. https://doi.org/10.24113/ijellh.v5i7.2136