A Study of Miguel de CervantesÂ’s Don Quixote


  • Anum Mirza


Quixotism, chivalry, Hamlet, illusion, Don Quixote, adventure,


Don Quixote, the masterpiece of Cervantes has been popular for the past three and half centuries for its wide appeal and universal qualities. It had a tremendous effect on the imagination of the people right from the moment of its publication. It had its amiable effect not only on Spain, but throughout the entire world. Don Quixote is a serious funny book, embedded with diversity and contradiction. Cervantes’ varied life made him uniquely qualified to write his masterpiece, Don Quixote. He had rich experience of life in many fields which enabled him to look to life from different perspectives. The aim of writing this paper is to give a close reading to Cervantes’s famous novel Don Quixote. This paper is an effort to look at the diverse views of critics concerning this important work of Miguel de Cervantes.



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Author Biography

Anum Mirza

Ph.D. Research Scholar

Dr. Jayatee Bhattacharya

Associate Professor

Department of English

Lovely Professional University

Punjab, India




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