The Debate of the Political Justice while Operating a Social System in Snowpiercer


  • Wen-Shin Li


The story of Snowpiercer is illustrating a brand new social system which attempts to set a boundary between classes on train and wait the opportunity to rebuild next human civilization. The intention of the passengers on the train is looking for the place to build the perfect world like Thomas More’s Utopia. In the time they conducted the new isolation regulation among the cars leads class struggles. The debate between the front and the tail section seems like the discourse between the concept of Utopia and Dystopia. This film adopted by French comic book raises several issues for viewers to discuss about humanity. In this article, the concept of utopia literature would be applied in text analysis which includes “the survival of human civilization,” “class antagonism,” “the necessary evil,” “the balance of social system” and “the definition of the absolute justice.” The train carries remnant human species here embodies the mission of Noah’s Ark in Bible. The setting in movie for serious climate change echoes to the floods in Noah’s time and claim the extinction of human is overwhelming the present world. For maintaining the order of society, isolation policy is implemented strictly. Population differentiation, class struggle, and revolution for equilibrium are accompanied with protester’s rage. When the rebel army arrives at the sacred engine, some questions related to humanity are haunting. There are “Would you willing to kill one for all?” “Should the definition of justice be rewritten?”  “Should we consider the minorities in advance of majorities?” “Should we do the right things instead of making the things right?” For building the “balanced” social system, the necessary evil is allowed or not? 


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