Portrayal of Cultural Contexts in Chetan Bhagat’s Novels


  • Dr. Vikas Jaoolkar
  • Javaid Ahmad Tantry


Culture, Multiculturalism, Indian diversity and Global Culture


Every nation has its distinct culture and within it there are different cultural mores. The human world is bedecked with diversity of cultures.  India is the secular country rich in varied cultures and traditions. It is given fact that India is a country with unity in diversity. This diversity - cultural, linguistic, religious- gives us distinctiveness in the rest of the world. The world looks at India as a good example of multiculturalism. The term multiculturalism represents acknowledgment and promotion of diverse cultures in a particular region.  The variety of cultures and sub-cultures act as bridges among the people but sometimes they become the cause of concern. The diversity of cultures sometimes creates conflicts and is responsible for political skirmishes. When we look in our society we find diverse differences in individuals and groups of humanity. These differences occur despite the fact that all humans are 99% genetically akin to each other. The soci-cultural problems of multicultural India have been portrayed by Chetan Bhagat in a better way in his novels.  He makes the reader to laugh at the follies and prejudices of orthodox Indians. Bhagat through his writings wants to break all the boundaries to create a global and universal culture that will absorb all the differences by spreading the fruits of love and brotherhood.


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Author Biographies

Dr. Vikas Jaoolkar

Prof. and Head Dept. Of English Govt. Hamidia P. G. College  Bhopal (M.P). 

Javaid Ahmad Tantry

Reseach Scholar, Department of Comparative Languages and Culture, BU Bhopal. 




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