Reflection of various traits of Shakespearean Characters in Modern Literature


  • Atashi Ghosh


Character, vacillation, vaulting ambition, shrewdness, mistrust, obsession.


Character forms an integral part of a piece of a literary work. Literature presents us the picture of different types of character, which we perceive also in real life. Shakespeare painted the visages of a myriad of characters, the reflection of which we find through the ages. The characters portrayed by the master dramatist in the Elizabethan age find an echo in the modern age. Different traits of human character like vacillation, vaulting ambition, shrewdness, mistrust and obsession have always been prevalent in the human world. The modern people possess the above mentioned traits as genuinely as did the Elizabethan people. One’s suffering from indecision is true throughout the ages and so is one’s craving for excessively high demands. One becomes cunning by virtue of one’s situation and is also ensnared by the feelings of faithlessness and excessive passion for someone or somebody. These traits have always dominated man through time immemorial.   


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Atashi Ghosh

M.A. (English), M.Phil., B.Ed., M.A. (Education)

Assistant Teacher at Raina S.B. Vidyayatan, Raina, Burdwan, India




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