An Analysis of Myth and Mythology in Kavita Kane's The Fisher Queen's Dynasty


  • AMUDHA A Asst.Prof. of English BGCW, Puducherry


Myths date back to the beginning of human civilization. Myths are nothing but stories that deal with several aspects of nature, human life and environmentsuch as creation, natural phenomena, and the heroic deeds of gods as well as of human beings.


Kavitha Kane, the writer of the Best-selling fictions led to a series of Myth-inspired Tales. She pilots out myths out of Ancient Indian narratives. Kavitas's novels are polished in the pool of Indian wealthy mines of myth and ecclesiastical tales. Her novels move round feminine characters of Ramayana and Mahabharatha.  Her characters, she wheels in the novel are re-created personalities, this fiction shapes itself different from the real epic. Kane is unique in portraying peripheral feminine characters of the mythology. The women characters revealed in the novel are impregnable but never seen the dawn, her prime movers are not so much chew over. Kavita's narrating style is luminous and enchanting.


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