Spiritual Expedition to Puri Jagannath with Lippi Parida’s If the Blue Lotus Sings


  • Dr. C. Arulmugil Head, Asst. Prof of English S. S. Arts & Science College Bommayapalayam India


             Today it is the world of writers who involved themselves in writing on deities, mythical stories, festivals, culture and tradition. This is because the world is at the status of forgetting all their identities and running towards the Age of Modern. Even some children fail to hold a pen or pencil to write as they spent most of their time in swiping the tab or mobile. In such situation how the future generation come forward in learning their roots. This made the recent writers to take their works as a tool to the today’s generation with adequate knowledge on their identities. These kind of thirst can be quenched by many writers earlier like T. P. Kailasam in Kundi and Karna, R. K. Narayan in Gods, Demons and Others, Girish Karnad in Bali: The Sacrifice, Asif Currimbhoy’sThe Dumb Dancer and so on. By reading these in kindle version, the children of today’s world would learn our Indian’s treasuresThe Mahabharata and The Ramayana. In this list here comes the debutan writer Lippi Parida from Odisha to share her ideological view on Jagannath Temple, Puri.


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