Social and Moral Vision in Mahesh Dattani’s Final Solutions


  • N. Deepika Mphil.English, KMCPGS, Puducherry. India


For the Indian, the most important battle for the establishment of a distinctive identity within a territorial location lay in the partitioning of India. National identities were conceived and took shape in accordance with the idealogues that formulated on the basis of religious identities which sown the seeds to the gruesome rioting and communal hatred and religious disharmony. Mahesh Dattani’sFinal Solutions deals with the recurring rhetoric of hatred, prejudice, aggression, the monetary and political exploitation of communal riots, the chauvinism and parochial mindset of the fundamentalist. The play also driven by violence and prejudice, greed and hatred, individual suffering and loss, self-righteousness and self-aggrandizement of diverse measures and modes. It applies more disturbing implication that we have had no final solutions to this malaise so far. The play almost approves the socialistic moral perspective to a greater extent. However, the play ultimately suggests simplistic affirmation that coexistence/unity as a final solution.



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