The Empire Writes back to/from the Center: Imperial and the Periphery


  • V. Devaki Assistant Professor of English Vels University, Chennai India


Decolonizing, diaspora space, colonizer and colonizedtheperiphery


The empire writes back to the centre examines discourse or counter-discourse penned by the marginalized writers writing or telling stories through re-writing/presenting history, myth, gender and genre, diaspora space etc. Writing or re-writing or storying the past, fictional works that re write events from the historical past,functions not only as a response, as writing back to the center, but the marginalized writes from the center voicing that there is no ‘Centre’ now, the colonizer and the colonized areindistinguishableby means of writing from their place (center)and concentrated on the crisis and upshots of decolonization of the country after the period of colonization and in a way assaulting the colonizer back in their language, advocating for their native land.



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