“Fight against dishonour and victimization” in La Voyeuse Interdite by Nina Bouraoui


  • Dr. Sarmila Acharif Assistant Professor Department of French Pondicherry University India


"Women bent down in the silence of the tents and the deserts. Women kneeling down, covered in their veils of prayers and denial. Life circumcised to the infinite. Tears flowing down to veil their eyes infinitely.”This question hasbecome a burning issue and thus has lead me to explore and to discover the true face of the Muslim woman through this presentation.
Islam (literally it means “belief in a single God who is the Creator of all things”) is the religion founded and established by the Prophet Mohamed in the Arabian Peninsula during the seventh century and followed by the Muslims around the world. The Quran revealed to the Prophet Mohamed by Allah serves as the basis for the religious life, social and political of all Muslims. The hadith, or the elaborations of the Prophet, in other words, sayings and traditions attributed to him, along with the Quran, are the major foundations of the teachings of Islam on the condition that they are interpreted correctly and objectively.


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