Cross-Culture-Quests in Gaur iShinde's English Vinglish


  • Dr. R. SUBHASSHRI Assistant Professor Dept of English Bharathidasan Govt. College for Women Puducherry


The Whiteman‟s burden of educating of educating the natives with their English language has still their remnants even till this day. Although English has emerged as the global language, the lack of its proper usage by an individual in the Third World countries like (India) is seen as a belittling factor. This factor has been taken up by some film directors and they present that complexity on the silver screen. At the same time, films have become one of the most vibrant and attractive media in showcasing the social, legal and political, gender and psychological conflicts encountered by humanity. Directors generate tales and groom characters in order to depict a slice of life with their intriguing storylines. At the same time, living in a multi-cultural nation like India, many film directors have captured this unique phenomenon and have shown through their celluloid eye. One such recent film which has captured the essence of multiculturalism is GauriShinde‟s bilingual English Vinglish(2012). 


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