Towards an Ecofeminist Poetics: A Study of Exploitation of Women and Nature in Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing


  • B. Silviya III M.A English Sarah Tucker College,Tirunelveli India
  • S.Garret Raja Assistant Professor of English St.John’s College, Palayamkottai.


Women, Nature, Ecofeminism, Suppression, Exploitation and Dominance.



            The paper attempts to offer an Ecofeminist reading of the novel, Surfacing written by Canadian author, Margaret Atwood. The research primarily focuses on the two female characters of the novel, an unnamed narrator and Anna, who have been victims of male domination and oppression. In a feminist standpoint, the paper explicates the psychological sufferings of the two women and through an Eco-feminist perspective it also analogises the suppression of the female characters with the exploitation of Canadian environment, especially the Quebec landscape, which is targeted by male characters. The researchers interconnect the search of the narrator with the search of identity or self. Eventually, The narrator’s reconciliation with mother nature is projected as finding her ‘higher self’ in nature, thus, the paper also negotiates the idea of being one with natures as an attempt of liberation from Male Patriarchal society. Therefore, rejecting patriarchal society and rejuvenating relationship with nature is seen as a radical feminist step towards liberation. The main objective of the paper is to expose way the women and nature are exploited based on ‘productivity’. The paper also critiques the capitalistic masculine society for their inhuman activity towards nature and female.


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Author Biography

S.Garret Raja, Assistant Professor of English St.John’s College, Palayamkottai.