Introducing “An Introduction”: Kamala Das the poet of the female ‘Other’


  • Dr Smita Paul English, Champahati K.P.C. Balika Vidyalaya, WBSSC,


alienation, male fantasy, margin, master-slave conflict, patriarchy, sexual politics, subaltern.


: Kamala Das, labeled as “the Mother of Modern Indian English Poetryâ€, was of the view that marriage for women in any third world country leads to sufferings on account of their gendered experiences. They live a status of ‘other’ not only in the macro world but also in the micro world. The dialectic of man-woman relationship is poetically presented by her in the semblance of master-slave one in the postcolonial scenario. It is “an introduction†into their own desired land comprising of love and peace; “slamming the door†on the institution called marriage. The ‘subaltern’ thus traces a place of their own to re-generate themselves into an emancipated woman. Das is vividly recording the marital journey of each woman of a third world country through the confessional poem “An Introduction.†As a consequence the poem reaches its universality through contemporaneity.


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Author Biography

Dr Smita Paul, English, Champahati K.P.C. Balika Vidyalaya, WBSSC,