Motherhood and its varying degrees: From the kaleidoscope of 19th century Bengali society.


  • Arijit Mukherjee Research scholar Burdwan university India


It will be rather unwise to confine the marvel called motherhood within the narrow walls of biological happenings. The essential concept of motherhood rests on someone who nurtures. Yes, carrying a child in the womb for months and then giving birth creates a lifelong bond that cannot be broken, even by separation. However, it’s the nurturing of the child throughout life that represents motherhood. Children face challenges as they navigate their early years. Even so, if a child knows that there is someone he/she can rely upon during the difficult times increases their dependence on that particular person. Her nurturing presence is symbolized by motherhood, whether that nurturing is provided by the mother, an adopted parent, a grandmother, an aunt.1 Therefore, in order to secure the existence of human species, an effort should be made to socially strengthen the forces of motherhood.


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