The Social and Cultural upheavals of women in Lakshmi Kannan’s The Bead Curtain


  • K. Mugeshpillai Ph.D. Research Scholar Department of English Annamalai University India
  • Dr.M. Soundhararajan Assistant Professor Department of English Annamalai University India


Bilingual, Non-Conformist, Women, Marital Relations.


Lakshmi Kannan is a well reputed and bilingual poet, she is also known for novels and short-stories. The writings have received wide critical acclaim. The Tamil writings of Lakshmi Kannan have been translated into many Indian languages, and the novel Aathukku Poganum made her famous in Indian English Literature. She is respected among the contemporary writers, critics and readers for her bold, non-conformist questioning of conservative socio-cultural values of the Indian society, particularly the Tamil community. The writings of Lakshmi Kannan won her an important place in Indian writing in English. The Glass Bead Curtain is her first fiction in English, It brings, the stories of several generations of women living within almost one century. This fiction portrays the sufferings of the women in male dominated society and nuances of experiences of social and cultural upheavals of women. Further it presents the women’s disruptions in the Indian society, as represented in the Tamil community during the 1920s and 40s. When the nationalist movement raised its head, the new ideas spread out within and outside of India about the recasting of gender roles and family relationships, especially marital relations. These elements made the writings of Lakshmi Kannan as famous in India.


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