Colonialism as a Progenitor of the Capitalism and Christianity: Unveiling the Unheard Tales of Sufferings and Protests of the Kenyan People in the Neo-Colonial State from the Select Novels of Ngugi wa Thiong’o


  • S.Suganya Karpagam, Assistant Professor in English, Gobi Arts and Science College, Gobichettipalayam- 638453. India


Colonialism, Capitalism, Christianity, Neo-colonial State, Unheard protest of the Kenyan people.


Colonialism is a malignant system designed by the Europeans to plunder the wealth and possessions of the other nations vigorously. Europeans trespassed into the other nations through their brutal imperialistic structure that cold-bloodedly overpowered and subjugated the government, customs, values, tradition and culture of the other nations, especially the third world nations. Colonialism constituted to Capitalism and Christianity that literally stripped the people of third world nations from their culture, tradition, values and norms. The remains of Colonialism- the Capitalism and Christianity survived in the colonies even after the independence. Through the system of Capitalism, the European nations burglarized the wealth through the leaders of the newly formed government who acted as puppets to the European capitalists in the Neo-colonial state. Many third world writers exposed this brutal nature of the European nations through their writings. Ngugi wa Thiong’o, one of the eminent East African writer who boldly and persistently exposed the cruelty of the colonial rule and the plundering of the newly formed government from their own people through his novels, urged the people to protest against the oppressors. This paper focuses on Ngugi’s portrayal of the atrocities of the capitalist system and Christianity in the neo-colonial Kenya and the unheard protest of the Kenyan people against capitalism and subjugation through his novels.


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