Ensuring Abiding Peace: A Re reading of The Wasteland


  • Dr Iti Roychowdhury Prof and Head Amity School of Languages AUMP Gwalior India


Often hailed as the most significant poem of the 20th century, Eliot’s The Wasteland is an anguished cry of a soul in torment as it confronts a world falling apart. The poem that is nineteen pages long and of text brimming with symbols, images and references, voices the horror of the catastrophe of the I World War.


Eliot uses his immense scholarship and craftsmanship to paint a multidimensional picture of the world, showcasing the pastness of the past and its presence, finding parallels in history and geography and the contrasts therein. Then they all converge towards a crescendo, lamenting the loss of a bygone world of peace and universal brotherhood.


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