Pyramus and Thisbe as Exempli Figures of Sacrifice


  • Tariq Ahmad Khan Assistant Professor of English  Govt. Degree College Gurez Zadigay Telail, Gurez  Bandipora, J & K  India  


In literature, we come across the stories of different nature and of different angles, such as, romantic stories- having melodramatic ends, tragic stories-having sad and fearful ends; some have mixture of both tragic and comic elements called tragi-comedies. Stories with melodramatic ends need no sacrifice for pushing them towards their ends, but the tragic stories-culminating in death, necessitate sacrifice for pushing them towards the desired end, heightening the affect. For instance: Romeo and Juliet, Khosrow and Shirin, Leila and Majnun etc. Such stories are called “virgin love stories” because the lovers never marry or consummate their passion. This literary motif is common throughout the world. Lord Byron has called Leila and Majnun as the Romeo and Juliet of the east. All these virgin love stories have tragic ends culminating in the death of both the characters, in which one dies either escaping any cruel situation to meet another or caught up in the same situation; we can call it „victim death‟, since he/she falls the victim of any cruel situation; but the second one makes willing sacrifice for the sake of the first one (victim) since he/she has lost the beloved/lover, it can be termed as „valiant death‟. Almost in all these stories,  the second one feels the separation  unbearable and embraces the death Willingly-on account of the ardent love for the sake of another; performing it with breath-taking valour and determination by committing suicide. His/her sacrifice or the valiant death embraced for the sake of another adds more tragic element to the situation.  


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