Exploring the culture of Meluha of Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy


  • S. PRABU Ph. D. Research Scholar Department of English Annamalai University India
  • Dr. B. KARTHIKEYAN Assistant Professor Department of English Annamalai University India


Gods, Maika system, Meluha, Somra, and Vikrama system


The myth is a story which gives the moral philosophy to the readers. Amish Tripathi is one of the major mythological fiction writers in Indian English Literature. The writings of Amish Tripathi have given a new dimension to Indian mythology. He re-imagines the life of Lord Shiva and Lord Ram and presents them as the men. These men transformed into the Gods because of their immense talents. The present paper analyzes the Somras (the drinks of Gods), the Vikrama system and the Maika system in detail. These elements are highly presented in Tripathi’s writings. The people of Meluha used to take Somras in order to extend their life span. The women, who have given birth to still born children are mentioned as Vikrama (untouchables) in Meluha. These people have to assemble every day at the market place and offer Pujas to the God Agni (Fire). They are not allowed to touch anybody in the country. The pregnant ladies have todeliver their children in the place called Maika, and leave their children there. The government takes in charge for the food and education of the children. This is called as Maika system. When they become sixteen, a comprehensive test is conducted to all the children and later, they all categorized based on the marks scored in the test.


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