Re-configuring The Concept of Suffering and Nothingness-in The Caretaker by Harold Pinter


  • Mithun Barman Research Scholar, Dept. Of English Raiganj University India


The equation of life remains unsolved; it then pauses and looks forward for better move; but finds nothing and things become harsh or poignant in reality. Harold Pinter's 'The Caretaker' reveals the resultant stark, mythical landscape rather drowsy that destabilizes our usual paradigmatic view of stage and life, and centralised the fringe elements of our 'reality'. Through the story of two brothers and the tramp, 'Tha Caretaker'  deals with the distance between reality and fantasy, family relationships without any motherly figure and the struggle for power, suffering, isolation, communication gape and the space of Zero Gravity. The aftermath of world-weary scenario and it's malignant effect on society and the ongoing invention of new technological tools have made us automata. Pinter has deliberately taken these carbonic atmosphere and moulded it through his fragmented characters in 'The Caretaker', artistically. My present paper seeks to exhibit the characters perception of the visual world and the appearance of reality through periodical journey of Suffering and Nothingness.


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