Wounded Voices: Mapping Socio-cultural Trauma in Mahesh Dattani’s Clearing the Rubble


  • Jasin Taj T. Assistant Professor PG Department of English PSMO College Malappuram, Kerala, India.


Human life in the contemporary dynamic world testifies to several types of trauma caused by different events and causing the emergence of post-traumatic subjects and their subjectivity. Mahesh Dattani is a prominent writer in the contemporary Indian English drama. The trauma of Indians and Indian culture has been etched in detail in his plays. The play, Clearing the Rubble, is of immense significance in the Indian social context as the traumatic aftermath of natural disasters on the victims and their survivors are being presented by Dattani. The play questions the unjust nature of trauma which is constructed by the society. The minority collective groups often have to face cultural trauma which is more intense than the natural one. Through the wounded voices of Salim and Fatima, Dattani is able to voice forth the trauma of Indian families in earth quake affected regions of Gujarat. This paper is an attempt to trace the socio-cultural trauma of the victims in Clearing the Rubble.


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