A Study on Enhancing the Effective Use of Cohesive Devices by using Descriptive Writing of English Language Learners at Tertiary Level


  • R.Ramya Sri Research Scholar – Part time ( English) Reg No: 268 K S Rangasamy College of Arts and Science Tiruchengode Tamilnadu, India
  • Dr. V. Radhakrishnan Research Supervisor, Associate Professor and Head, Department of English K S Rangasamy College of Arts and Science (Autonomous) Tiruchengode Tamilnadu, India


For years together English language has been taught as a subject and the students are made to learn so much about the language, giving less focus to the primary aim of using it to communicate. Writing is considered to be a painstaking and challenging task in second language learning. So, a paradigm shift from the traditional language teaching and learning methodology to more application oriented learning style has become the need of the hour. The main focus of this paper is to study the use of cohesive devices by learners in various writing tasks and thereby understand strategies which will help learners to use such linguistic devices effectively. English language teachers will also be able to exploit the findings of this research in devising classroom activities to develop learners’ ability to use cohesive devices effectively. This paper also aims at facilitating English language Learners (ELLs) in structuring their sentences better in their writings and in achieving communicative goals like grammatical and lexical cohesion.


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