Sexuality and Spirituality Intertwined: Representing Celie in the novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker


  • Poonam Setia PhD Research Scholar, Dept. of English and Foreign Languages M.D.U., Rohtak(Haryana) 124001 Country: Sirsa, Haryana, India


Both Sexuality and Spirituality are embodied desires that reflect in the human capacity for intimate connection. Sexuality is the overall potential for human relationships. A person’s attitude about life, love, care and compassion are all connected to his/her feelings about sexuality. Spirituality also points to a particular human relational potential. It refers to the human capacity to connect with the divine and signals the promise for a human-divine connection. It is, in fact the means and ways in which humans relate to that which they consider divine. Hence both are closely intertwined, deeply personal and connected to one’s life force energy. The epistolary novel The Color Purple (1982) by Alice Walker urges one to engage in an interdependent reading of sexuality and spirituality and gradually postulates intertwining of sexuality and spirituality.   


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