Shift of Power And Racial Tension in Disgrace: Answering the Question: “Is Coetzee a Racist?”


  • Sunayan Pathak M.A in English and Culture Studies The University of Burdwan (2014-16) Bankura, West Bengal, India


This paper aims at analysing the depiction of racism and the power-politics within it in JM Coetzee’s 1999 novel “Disgrace†and tries to critically show whether the critics’ claim of the novel being racist in tone is correct or not. From the very beginning of its publication “Disgrace†instigated a worldwide discussion of its racist nature and the tensions in the post-apartheid South Africa. This work examines the historical background of South Africa and moreover the disputes between the colonizers and the natives. It focuses on the body of Coetzee’s works, his way of handling such political views as well as the responses that it received from the African National Congress. Finally, this paper honestly discusses that despite its instances of racial elements and shift of power in post-apartheid Africa, there are


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