Portrait of Children in Tagore’s Select Short Stories


  • Sakirul Saikh Master of Arts Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India .


It is no need to introduce the versatile writing career of Rabindranath Tagore who brought about a new era in Bengali as well as Indian literature. He touched upon all the literary genres and made them distinct from the tradition of the West by infusing the peculiar colour of Indian sensibilities and pathos. He is the one who brought crude substances from abroad and cooked them with Indian spices to suit the Indian tastes. He is the one who re-arrange the whole ‘tradition’ of world literature to put India on the literary map of the world. His was a literary creation that paves the way for thousands of upcoming literary artists and that helps shape the tradition of Indian literature as it is today.

Tagore’s work has been explored and circulated worldwide always with an increasing passion and interest from the audience. His work has been translated into world’s leading languages. He himself translated some of his work into English and his translation of Gitanjali is a fine example that catches the attention of the Noble Committee and he turns out to be the first non-white person to receive the Nobel Prize.


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