Views of Teacher and Parents on the causes of delinquency among secondary level students


  • Priyanka Mondal Student, Department of Education, University of Kalyani. India
  • Rimi Mondal. M.Phil.Scholar, Department of Education, University of Kalyani. India
  • Bubly Sarkar Research scholar, Department of Education, University of Kalyani. Assistant Professor, Department of Education, KalyaniMahavidyalaya. City centre complex,Kalyani, West Bengal , India.
  • Bijan Sarkar Head & Associate Professor, Department of Education, University of Kalyani. Sodhpur, West Bengal , India.


Human being generally behaves as per social norms, customs, and taboos of the society. But sometimes it is observed some deviant behaviour among human being, which is not acceptable in the society. The deviant behaviours which are committed by the adolescent are called Juvenile delinquency. Juvenile delinquency means some teenage crime, which is notconsidered crime as per delinquency act or legal action. In present day, this type of delinquent act is increasing .Teenage boys and girls are involved in this type of behaviour such as- truancy, stealing, use slang language, damaging school property, bullying and mockery, torturing animal, committing suicide etc. To know the appropriate cause of these delinquent behaviours of adolescents, researchers reviewed many related study and list down thirty five causes of delinquency. In this paper researchers want to find out the causes of delinquency from the views of parents and teachers.Descriptive survey method was used for this study and the data were analysed qualitatively. Researchers have taken 200 samples (67 teachers & 133 parents). All teachers and parents are involved in either West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) or West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE).  One common questionnaire for teachers and parents was constructed and used by the researchers. There are two dimensions (school related and home related causes) in the questionnaire and the items are 35. Researchers analysed the data in percentage and present them graphically. And finally they found top ten causes of delinquency from parents and teachers, which are more emphasized as major causes of delinquency.


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