Defamiliarization in Ashokamitran’s Water (Thanner)


  • Shivangi Tiwari M.A. Scholar, Department of English, Gautam Buddha University, India,
  • Bipasha Som Professor, Department of English, Gautam Buddha University, India,


This work discusses Indian novelist Ashokamitran’s novel Thanner, translated as Water by Lakshmi Holmströmand focuses on the process of defamiliarization in the text through the literary devices like irony, vividness, parallelism and dark humour.Ashokamitran is considered to bethe high priest of modern Tamil fiction. He wrote in Tamil language and his work deal with a wide range of emotions and experiences of rooted in the social, culture and political milieu. The term, ‘Defamiliarization’, coined by practitioners of Russian Formalism, Victor Shklovsky, in the essay “Art as Technique”, tends to throw light on the different use of language in art or life, compared to the use of language in our daily life. Indian novelist Ashokamitran makes his novels praiseworthy and attention-grabbing by using the technique of defamiliarization. The way he defamiliarizes the ordinary, common and predictable, and brings to the fore his poetic sensibility and acumen, stirs the unexciting and snoozing responsiveness of the reader to the beauty of the daily life that surrounds them.


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