Of Quests for Peace: Juxtaposition of Recreating a Forgotten Legend and Building a Chasm.


  • Aneesa Mushtaq Department of English Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Gachibowli Hyderabad 500032 India


The turbulent period of violence, disturbances, trauma, and chaos leave people with minimum choices. The people who live in intermittent low intensity conflicts have no choice but to abide by the alternatives that are thrown in their way. The states of “Northeast†India are a region which is charged with diverse issues and that is a reason the region opens up new ways of observations and studies. Insurgency, counter-insurgency, violence, illegal migration, poverty, underdevelopment, chaos are the major issues that are prevalent in the states of “Northeast†of India. The interventions by armed personnel and the imposition of special laws like AFSPA have emerged as cases of intense atrocities, terror and complete disorder. The armed conflict in the states of Northeast has led to insurgency and which was further followed by counter-insurgencies. These operations have resulted in severe violations of human rights.


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